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Den Haag

Fire, Airports...and then.....Den Haaaaaag

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Well, it was Adios to spain .... and hallo Den haag!

but before we left, we had to find a place to see the state of origin for chris, i googled that shit and found an Irish sports bar that was playing it :) - after that we did a bit of shopping, i love stradivarious, and i bought a few bits and pieces there, could not resist! also got a few souvenirs, it was SO hot that day, it was a max of 40!!!! so walking around was getting a bit much, however, i had the strangest ice cream thing.... i went to the ice cream store, and saw that "ice milk" was on offer...so i asked what it was, got a strange reply, but got it anyway, in a massive cup it was milk....in ice cream form sort of, with cinamon on top, and in the middle....YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....i would have gotten more, but we had tapas again that night.
Because it was so hot, we decided to have an ice bath, we bought ice and brought it back to the room, then we filled the bath with water, and all dipped out feet in it, was soooooo nice, drinking grey goose with don simon orange juice, living the life i must say. after we had finished the grey goose, time to hit the sun, so rooftop for about half an hour, which i think anymore time and we all would have gotten burnt, it was THAT hot! in fact i felt asleep on the lounge chairs....was so nice.
we had tapas, and we got a paella, yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum i'm going to miss the food in spain, they really know how to do food, and the sangria was fantastic as well, the guys didnt like it that much, so it was mostly me drinking it all :P
i found out that sangria also has other ingredients, like vodka, and contreau :S - taste great!
once dinner was finshed, it was time to get serious , GAME TIME
we watched the game in the hotel again, tiny screen, but it didnt matter, great game! and i was sooo happy to see spain win! because afterwards it was time to go out! - they spanish were going NUTS! - jumping in the fountains, and running amuck around the streets, the police had closed off quite a few of the streets so that people were able to just run around and celebrate! :D
I then was able to see a little bit more of Madrid, but only from the outside, as everything was closed :S - the national library, the national palace, and a tomb that was a gift from the Egyptians to the Spanish , stone by stone was brought from Egypt!
pretty cool stuff, also found out what part of the Spanish flag means, the four different pictures within the crest are the original states of Spain, underneath the monarchy (crown).

Next day was a little bit full of bad omens! - the weather had cooled down , it was overcast (haha it seems everytime we leave a country that its overcast and cold!)
there was a massive fire next to our hotel pretty much! still trying to figure out what it was from, so we had breakfast at macca's , and oh my goodness, maccas has their hotcakes....with chocolate sauce AND they serve breakfast til noon! W.I.N.
so after breakfast we went straight to the airport, and checked in, the ride to Amsterdam started with a massive amount of turbulence, i'll admit i was a little freaked out, but there was a storm coming in so im just happy we made it through! - the poor girl next to me looked like she was going to puke :S

Once we arrived in amsterdam, we caught the train to Den haag awesome train ride, guys from the company came onto the train and asked where we were from and when they found out it was just jokes and jokes about koalas, jack, skippy etc... one of the guys spoke spanish as well! - thats one thing i love about Europe, everyone speaks 4 languages! im very very jealous of that , they were so lovely they even allowed us to take a photo in the drivers cabin! :D (ill upload it now)
we then had to catch the tram to our hotel, which was quite hard to find :S mostly coz we didnt look, i went into a police station and asked and got laughed at because it was across the road, we just didnt see it! - whoops.

so then it was mostly just getting settled, had something to eat (it was already 8 - 9pm) and then to bed, we were all pretty tired from all the traveling.

Next day, was just shopping to try to find orange things for 10 years of qdance! i hate that i want ot buy almost everything here in europe, the clothes, the shoes, oh my goodness the maxies..... i would buy a suitcase full if i could!
i also found this awesome shop full of geeky toys, little star wars things etc...

so then went back to the room, chilled out for a while, then dinner, and then to the beach! :D
i also found out that den haaaaaaaag is an actual city! :O i thought it was a suburb....but no its huge! 800.000 people live here ! goodness, and the beachfront is beautiful, we were sitting at a bar and drinking in the summer heat, just fantastic, one of the guys there also was studying audio engineering, so it was great to chat about audio with someone on the otherside of the world!
finally at 2am however it was time for bed, as tomorrow we were coming back to the beach to actually swim, and also do our laundry, woop woop!

next installment.....10 YEARS OF QDANCE!!!!!!

Hasta pronto!

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