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The Beach and the Feestfabriek

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Beach day!!!
So the beach lifestyle here i think is soooooo much better than that of Sydney, for one, they build food shops, clubs, restaurants on the beach, overnight, and then for the winter they just get rid of them, they are just movables! its fantastic to be able to lie on a cough on the beach, in the sun, order drinks then walk 10 meters and have a swim, be it that the water is a murkey brown.. its actually the cleanest in Europe!
They have a large pier, that does not have the wood nailed down well (yes it did end up in my tripping over myself!) and you can bungy jump from the end too!
We setup camp along the waters edge and i was told that the water was "freezing" hahahah but it was perfect temperature - didnt even need time to get use to the temp, the only problem with the coast along holland is the sound of the ocean, its so quiet because there are no waves, so instead they just have thumping music from the beach bars :P

we unfortunately could not stay too long at the beach because we had to go get ready for the q-dance Feestfabriek!
My goodness what a night! - it was really what i had been looking forward to the entire trip, we unfortunately got there a little late, because we missed the first train from den haag that would get us there when the doors opened, it also happened to be the express train, so instead we asked someone who we saw wearing orange and they said they were happy for us to just tag along with them, as they knew where they were going. we had to catch one train and then catch another train to get there. It felt like FOREVER, and on the way it was also storming like crazy, however, when we finally got there, everyone was sooo excited, i think holland being in the final for the world cup also helped - they were all singing and chanting together, and as they were in orange (the national color - because of the general Williem oranje (he got rid of all the spanish from holland)) it helped a lot for the atmosphere.

so we got in, and there was thudding music people, it was a fantastic production, the only way to explain it is by photo
(http://www.flickr.com/photos/sjowie/4786637279/in/set-72157624353925231/) this is not mine but its a great photo, much better than what i could take with my camera! - just amazing, the defqon ferris wheel was there, the qlimax set up, and the middle was the sensation pyramid, but a little shorter as the DJs went onto the decks via a bridge.
so we get in, first things first, merch, there was no way i was leaving without a reminder that i was there to celebrate the 10 years of qdance, i got a shirt. then we went up onto the VIP deck, and i dont think we moved from there the entire night! - it was gabber gabber gabber till our little hearts couldnt take it, .... then dance some more!!!
i dont think i stopped till at least 5am, ahaha one of the dutchie boys there was saying how crazy all the aussies are, because we get so into it, i really did agree, a lot of the crowd were not getting as into it as i thought they would, i was very proud to be there!
there is really not much else to say there on the matter, as not much happened, nor did we move! , although i do have to say that it was a lot hotter there then it was at sensation, because it was raining, the moisture in the air was a lot worse and there was drips coming down from the roof...i wish to say that it was rain, but it was in fact a mixture of all the sweat from everyone and also the rain....yuk!
although we really didnt care, it was all about the music, and it was just good song after good song! the top 25 had to be the highlight of the night for me! goodness gracious - just fantastic!

Nat and mark left early, as mark got sick, too much to drink, then chris wanted to leave at around 520, so we caught a taxi back, and then had a small breakfast, then straight up to bed, although i did not get to sleep till 10 am, was still too excited from the night, i didnt want to leave!

anyway, yesterday was grand final day!
the poor dutchies! - we went out to amsterdam and went to see it with the MASSIVE crowd that was out in the square, but it was too packed, we could not see the screen, it also smelt like piss combined with sweat from the hot day and also pot, not the greatest of combination's! - so we just stayed a little while, just to witness all the dutchies singing constantly "VIVA HOLLANDA" is pretty much what i learnt! - and then we decided that we should just find a bar to watch the game at, i was so thirsty that i had to buy a $6 bottle of water (o wait, 2 of them). And there didnt seem to be any bars in sight! - then we missed about 5 min, when i saw a little restaurant, italian, that had the game on the TV, i called over the rest of the gang and asked for a table for 4, they let us sit, and we were able to eat AMAZING italian food while watching the game. it was lucky that we left early as a lot of other people tried to go inside, but it was full.

when the game finished, we were walking through the streets and it was dead, jsut disappointment from everyone, i wish i had been able to celebrate.... as i was going for spain, but if i had i would have ended up just like a small group of spanyards we saw, nearly get attacked by the orange crowd! - i wish i had been in spain for the win, it would have been an amazing once in a lifetime experience, but o well.

then it was off back to the hotel, which we did not get back till about 1am, i was falling asleep on the trian, then in the taxi.
slept like a baby!

Today was a very very relaxed day, it was raining and 19 degrees so i just packing and had a little bit of a walk around, i wish i had known more of den haag, the city is actually very pretty, but its a place where its important to know someone that is familiar with the town, as unlike in amsterdam, its more of a maze. next time!

well tommorrow its off to Grecia! - so hopefully i will be doing nothing but swimming and relaxing!!!

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