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Red Light District....and cheese

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Hoi! (said "hoy") = hello in dutch!

So after our travels in Amsterdam yesterday was quite entertaining! mostly it was going to the red light district and having a look around, then being a little bogan and drinking on the street! :O
Red light district is just amazing! i thought it would be very seedy (i.e. dirty like kings cross) but it was actually better looking than the rest of the city hahaha - and it had all these restaurants, and of course the "cafe's" (lindsay, david and dany...you would be at home here). We were also able to see the prostitutes in the windows, i found that to be just mind blowing, its the ultimate "sell youself" position.... in a window like a mannequin , the range of ages and sizes all these women had were amazing, fat ones, tini ones, tall ones, old ones, small tits, big tits....just eveything you can think of! even saw one old woman with whips in front of her!

They also have got the drunk midnight snack on the SPOT, the "kebab" stores have really good looking pizza and also waffles that are covered in chocolate and smarties!! :O i still have not had one but i will be sure to tell you once i have....they wil probably be a huge let down... but o well.

We ended up sitting at a bar across the canal from our hotel drinking till the late evening (about 7...it doesnt get dark here till about 9pm) and then nat wanted to go buy cigarettes, so i went with her, and this was quite a trek, first off we wanted to find a bathroom, and ended up having to pay .50 cents to use the one in maccas, (no i have not tried maccas here yet, but its on the list!) but i think its becuase they pay for it to stay clean, so the maccas bathrooms do not smell like some teenager drunk their life away, vomited in the bathroom then decided to shit their pants - YAY!
so then after that we asked about 2 or 3 people where we could buy fags, and i was passing by a very strange looking store, that had yellow wheels in the window....i asked myself....hmmm what could this be...... A CHEEESE STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holy moley....WITH FREE SAMPLES......yes....i ate every single free sample......omg cheese.......they had the BEST cheese! goats cheese, smoked cheese, cow cheese, cheese with chili, with pesto (that one was a dark green, really creepy looking but tasted awesome) herb cheese....just so much cheese!!!!! i think i was in heaven or about 5 min.....but then nat realized...that the other side of the store...WAS A CHOCOLATE STORE......could life get any better? well not really because their was also free samples of that too.... man oh man...good times.
so when we finally left the store we finally found a place to buy ciggies, we walked in and noone was at the counter, then this little 8yr old (she would not have even come up to my hip) went behind the counter and asked "can i help you?" :O... nat and i didnt know whether to ask to buy ciggies off of an 8yr old or not!!! but...we did anyway... very strange kinda felt bad...but then again it wasnt me buying them! poor nat! :P

anywhoo, after this we went back to the hotel room, nat and mark got their laundry, we went to a laundromat, go that cleaned and then ate dinner, although i was not hungry and I was SO tired i started falling asleep at the table so i went back to the hotel and just crashed at about 8pm! and woke up at around 630, gooood sleeeeeep, dont even remember hitting the bed, i woke up with my clothes from yesterday...yuk!

anyway, i should go get ready for our 2nd day here in amsterdam! - not to worry i will write the next time i get a chance!

Hope you all are well

'Doei!' Pronounced, 'do-we' (goodbye in dutch)

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