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Recovery Day

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On such days of course, nothing really happens, mostly its just eating and resting, so not much to report on from this day, however, I did eat a massive lunch, which was at about 3pm, steak and fried mushrooms, yum yum yum. We also had had a big day of eating planned because we had left so much to try, till the day before we leave, of course hahaha. My one main food was to try ben and jerry’s ice cream, and yes, it was delicious!
We also did our laundry today, not the most exciting activity on the planet, but a necessity. I also wanted to try on a watch I had seen at a shop on one of streets where a lot of retail stores are, I went and tried about 4 but no winner, ☹
Nat and mark met up with us to do their laundry as well, and then Chris went with a friend to the beach clubs that are on the coast, meant to be amazing, but I was not in the mood to party, was tired and I just felt like relaxing, maybe taking a nice walk, which is what we did. We went around the parts of Amsterdam that we had not seen! And I found a subway! :D didn’t try it though, must put that on the list when we come back. We walked for about an hour, I took a few photos, I am still amazed at how the actual city looks, and we were saying how they have no rubbish bins, because there is no space to store them! So they just leave their plastic bags on the street: S
And of course, the bikes were everywhere; the obesity rate in Holland must be at about 2 percent! Maybe we should introduce it in Australia that would help all the kids who are overweight!
In fact there are so many bikes that on buildings they have free air to pump up the tires! How cool is that?
Another fun fact is that you do not need a license to drive a vehicle that does not exceed 40K…moped anyone?
One last fun fact, because so many of the buildings are protected, to renovate they pull apart the building and rebuild it with the same materials! :O i’m still trying to figure out whether that’s safe: S, so many buildings are lop – sided and/or leaning forward, Rome may have the leaning tower of pizza, but Amsterdam is an entire city full of leaning buildings!
So when we finally got back to the food area, mark’s main concern was to get a kebab, because they don’t look like the kebabs back home, not even slightly! No tabuli, no hummos,, its basically that’s crappy meat….in a sandwich…. FAIL. But he wanted to try it anyway, turns out it was a major let down, it was not on my list, however, maccas was, so while nat got her giant cone of chips (they are famous here, chips with mayo, have to say they are pretty good chips) I went to get a “lion” and kit kat Mcflurry, first let down….you cant combine two flavors…. sad face. So I just got a lion mcflurry, I was not too sure what a lion was, but it seemed to be just chocolate, caramel and biscuit…. Now where this mcflurry does win…is that he put the chocolate bar in with the soft serve…and ALSO put caramel sauce :O :O :O :O – NOMNOMNOM, soooooooooooo good, I was so glad I had gone for that walk …..My body had an explosion of calories hahah.
So once we finished off our food, the sun was just setting, which meant it was just after 11pm, it’s the strangest concept, the sun setting at 11…but I have to say im jealous, long summer days, ahhhh Australia does fail at this.
So went back to the hotel and pretty much then just went to sleep, because the next day was what I really was looking forward too…. ESPAÑA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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