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From day one and two

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Day Two Continued.

The Game....

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Ahhh so I left you just about to go watch the game....what a game it was, hopefully you all watched it, great. Effin Game!!!! :D
We first watched it at the strange bar/cafe but it was kind of strange, so i suggested we go to the red light district, but it was packed, i was able to find one spot for me to watch, so i was happy, there were English travelers everywhere! i almost didnt feel like in was in Holland anymore!!!
But they were all going for the Oranje team! - when the final whistle was blown, all hell broke loose in the streets of Amsterdam! fireworks, everyone yelling and cheering, just a fantastic atmosphere! I was very jealous that i am not dutch so that i would have been able to join in a little more, after a little wander around, we went back to the hotel and got ready for a night out, mark was too pissed from drinking during the game, so he went to bed, but nat, chris and i waited downstairs for Pavo to show up, he was our local guide for the night! , we started in the hotel bar, while watching the Uruguay game, which was quite entertaining, however when i ordered a "vodka cranberry" i got a straight shot of vodka with a splash of ribena cordial....DIS-CUS-TING went back to the bar to ask what the hell he gave me, and said that what i was drinking was a vodka cranberry, disappointing, so i didnt drink it, and just got a vodka redbull, much much better :P - cant get that drink wrong!
once we had drunk enough at the hotel, we moved on and walked behind out tour guide to wherever he was taking us! - it was 10pm and still light! :O (in fact it did not get dark till 11pm at night! - SO jealous of those long days!!!!!!) so he took us to one particular square, i wish i could tell you the name, but i will try to find out ... but it was pumping! full of pubs people, and of course orange!
so by mistake our tour guide took us to the australian bar, "coco outback - lousy food and warm beer"..what the? since when was Australia known for crap food and warm beer?!?!?! hahaha, but anyway, we enjoyed a few drinks plus the stress of watching the Uruguay game!!! ( GO URUGUAY!)
once we had watched the game, meet a random Australian who invited us to his BBQ the next day, we went for a loooooong walk to the next square and we drank another round or too, and then i had gotten a flat tyre and had bruising on my foot from the havianas i was wearing, i wanted to just come back and get some rest, so we walked back to the hotel, and i left the group as they went to go to the red light district and see what its all about....at night...was not interested so here i am just keeping you all up to date on the trip!

Doei for now, from the V8 supercar (as thats how i sound like when i snore... :P )

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Day Two

The Canal Ride

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So this morning started with me waking myself up with my own snoring, how attractive, my nose is still blocked from sort of being half sick, lucky being in the heat is helping it go away!!
Then we all got ready, went to breakfast with mark and chris, i got a massive pancake that had banana inside and dark chocolate that i could pour all over it! :D :D a bit of icing sugar ontop... YUM! - plus i ordered a chocolate milk (because they didn't have banana smoothies :( ) and it was sooo yummy, it wasn't runny, it was quite thick...sooo good.
but after this, went back to the hotel picked up nat (she was getting ready) then we went on our canal ride...my goodness, Amsterdam is more beautiful then i first thought! we first went through construction areas that is on the water, but then we made our way through the more residential areas of the city, its just so picturesque, everything looks like its from a painting, just gorgeous. plus people live in boat houses here!!! i was SO jealous!!!!! i absolutely LOVE them, i have decided that one day if i make enough dough...living on a houseboat in Amsterdam, in summer, is definitely on the cards!
I saw the most amazing way to get furniture in the the apartments of a 3 story apartment, they have a pulley system and pull up the heavy furniture through the windows! :O soooo smart! (there is a photo of this not to worry :P)
We also saw the science museum which is built like a boat! - just fantastic, i dont think we will have time to go see it however, 4 days is just too short.... also a 19th century style boat which i really wanted to go on it, again, 4 days are is too short!

once we got off the canal ride we walked back to the main shopping areas to get mark some telfast, and i got throat lollies, my poor throat is all dry and scratchy!

then at the chemist they were giving away free dutch braclets when you purchase something over 10 euros! WIN!
so then we went to get mark some new shorts and starting chatting to the guys working at the store, turns out one of them had been to Australia, and had stayed in sydney.....in kings cross..hahahahah, i asked quickly "oh no! you didnt go to porkeys...did you?" he laughed and said "I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS A STRIP CLUB!" i just laughed, and we talked a little bit more about where he had been.

once that was done i wanted to go look at the church, which was beautiful, i have always loved going to the churches and just looking at the windows and the decoration and detail they put into every part of the structure, building are just not made like that in australia...
after this we had some Ice cream because it was just soooo hot! - and then nat spotted a guy dressed in a Darth Vader costume so we got a photo, not before we had to haggle the price down from 1 euro to 30 cents :P

after this was lunch, just a small lunch at a bar, nothing special.

so now its time to get to the GAME! the whole city is full of people in oranje - i still want to find out the story of the oranje.... when i know i'l post that up too, but for now enjoy some canal photos seeing as i think they speak for themselves !

Doei Australia... for now :P

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Day One Continued

Red Light District....and cheese

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Hoi! (said "hoy") = hello in dutch!

So after our travels in Amsterdam yesterday was quite entertaining! mostly it was going to the red light district and having a look around, then being a little bogan and drinking on the street! :O
Red light district is just amazing! i thought it would be very seedy (i.e. dirty like kings cross) but it was actually better looking than the rest of the city hahaha - and it had all these restaurants, and of course the "cafe's" (lindsay, david and dany...you would be at home here). We were also able to see the prostitutes in the windows, i found that to be just mind blowing, its the ultimate "sell youself" position.... in a window like a mannequin , the range of ages and sizes all these women had were amazing, fat ones, tini ones, tall ones, old ones, small tits, big tits....just eveything you can think of! even saw one old woman with whips in front of her!

They also have got the drunk midnight snack on the SPOT, the "kebab" stores have really good looking pizza and also waffles that are covered in chocolate and smarties!! :O i still have not had one but i will be sure to tell you once i have....they wil probably be a huge let down... but o well.

We ended up sitting at a bar across the canal from our hotel drinking till the late evening (about 7...it doesnt get dark here till about 9pm) and then nat wanted to go buy cigarettes, so i went with her, and this was quite a trek, first off we wanted to find a bathroom, and ended up having to pay .50 cents to use the one in maccas, (no i have not tried maccas here yet, but its on the list!) but i think its becuase they pay for it to stay clean, so the maccas bathrooms do not smell like some teenager drunk their life away, vomited in the bathroom then decided to shit their pants - YAY!
so then after that we asked about 2 or 3 people where we could buy fags, and i was passing by a very strange looking store, that had yellow wheels in the window....i asked myself....hmmm what could this be...... A CHEEESE STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holy moley....WITH FREE SAMPLES......yes....i ate every single free sample......omg cheese.......they had the BEST cheese! goats cheese, smoked cheese, cow cheese, cheese with chili, with pesto (that one was a dark green, really creepy looking but tasted awesome) herb cheese....just so much cheese!!!!! i think i was in heaven or about 5 min.....but then nat realized...that the other side of the store...WAS A CHOCOLATE STORE......could life get any better? well not really because their was also free samples of that too.... man oh man...good times.
so when we finally left the store we finally found a place to buy ciggies, we walked in and noone was at the counter, then this little 8yr old (she would not have even come up to my hip) went behind the counter and asked "can i help you?" :O... nat and i didnt know whether to ask to buy ciggies off of an 8yr old or not!!! but...we did anyway... very strange kinda felt bad...but then again it wasnt me buying them! poor nat! :P

anywhoo, after this we went back to the hotel room, nat and mark got their laundry, we went to a laundromat, go that cleaned and then ate dinner, although i was not hungry and I was SO tired i started falling asleep at the table so i went back to the hotel and just crashed at about 8pm! and woke up at around 630, gooood sleeeeeep, dont even remember hitting the bed, i woke up with my clothes from yesterday...yuk!

anyway, i should go get ready for our 2nd day here in amsterdam! - not to worry i will write the next time i get a chance!

Hope you all are well

'Doei!' Pronounced, 'do-we' (goodbye in dutch)

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Day One!

Amsterdam, 9:44am, On Thursday the First of July.

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Hulllo all!

Now first off i hope you are all well and that there has not been some massive apocalypse in Sydney that I just happened to miss out on ! :O

So im writing to you all from the tiniest room in the world, we are at the Ibis hotel, and im pretty sure that it was built for
A) ano models

B) midgets

c) Gimli

but as we thought, the room is only to sleep and shower - so hopefully it will encourage us to not stay in the Hotel the whole time....

So the 23 hour flights, after the initial drama of the travel agent name changing the ticket, were fine, the first was on a new-ish Singapore airlines airplane, nice biggish screens, and pretty comfy seats, however Chris and I had to do the shifty because we were not seated together, so the guy seated next to Chris was nice enough to move, which was cool !
so flights are really not that interesting i have to admit, its pretty much passing time by watching movies, sleeping, eating, hell even going to the bathroom is a time killer! but I did watch Clash of the Titans and How To Train Your Dragon. hmmm, then there was this Turkish guy next to us, and we started chatting as we were about to land. So Singapore airport...WTF! massive! it has its own metro line, its own butterfly house, free internet all over the place, and a foot massage place!
so we got off the plan, and we were lucky enough to see the plane that we were going to take on the way back, the new A380! ITS HUUUUUUGE looks like a gigantic monster, I'm still amazed as to HOW they are able to even get it off the ground. :O
Then we went and got a drink, checked emails and such, and by that point it was pretty much time to board the next plane. so the food on the both the flights was nothing special, however.... what i DID love was that one can order Bailey's and milk...at any time...biggest win, I think it's my new tradition for international flights, celebrate with a bailey's and milk! woop woop!
the 2nd airplane (flight to Amsterdam) was not as good as the first, not that much room, the screens failed, and yeah basically it was old, i wanted to go wash my hands before take off, open one of the doors of the bathroom and the sink is almost overflowing :O....fail!
so then it was mostly sleeping on this flight because it was just soooo long, i think i was only awake for about 30% of it, and most of the time that was eating, or watching "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia" (THANKS ELLA!!!) - GREAT SHOW, you all should watch it.
so when i wanted to get to sleep properly, i pushed my seat back and of course the women behind me had to kick up a storm and decides to hit my chair, thanks. so i was even more upright and still trying to get to sleep...however, with 2 phenergan, it pretty much solves all those problems!
next thing i now im being woken up for food, and we are pretty much there! :D - only crappy thing is probably that throughout the 2 flights my nose had been running like a tap ! at one point there was blood on my tissue ! ekkk!

so once we reach Amsterdam we get out of the plan, go through Customs (after Chris had tried to buy a bottle of grey goose, and failing because you need to being flying out , not flying in, laaame) and then had to meet our driver, at the "Meeting point" which is a great idea, but its basically this big red and white checkered structure.. once we got there he drove us to the mini-roomed hotel!
Well anyway, I think im still drowsy from the Phenergan, so i had a small nap, then showerd, and now we are just waiting till Nat and Mark get here from Malta, their plane is to arrive at 11am! , only one more hour to wait! then walking around, shopping for supplies, and FOOOOOOOD thats not from an airplane! - and seeing as this hotel is tightarse, i have to buy shampoo and conditioner, basterds!

Alright all check you all later!
and lots of love! - will upload photos as soon as i start taking some !


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