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so as you can probably tell, i have been on the Greek islands :P , my goodness, its just Be-E-AY UUUUUUtiful, its beyond what any photo could really tell you, the waters are clear and there is always a fresh breeze to keep you cool, but if you stay in the sun its just so warm , although it can burn if your not careful, you can tell the tourists from the locals, as the locals are all dark as hell, while the tourists are bright red! :P

Yesterday i went to the center of town, its just a dream, all the streets, are not really streets, its more like a maze of paved trails, its like a snail went in and just went nuts and designed the little town. Its easy to lose where the hell you are, playing marco polo would be so much fun, not fun though if you lose someone :S but i was on my own, so i was happy to get lost! , tried to get a sim card, but i forgot my passport, its not like holland where you can just get the sim card, no ID or anything, lame! also found a place to do my washing, which will be handy as at the moment i have a lot of dirty clothes, mostly from holland, peee-ewwww

the main port has two docks that you can walk out onto the ocean and admire the amazing view, mykonos town looks amazing with all the white, also you can see a few of the other islands. I went also to see the windmills that are here, i'm not sure if they still work or anything , but they are quite pretty, not to worry i took photos!
tried to take a panoramic photo as well , ill see if that will work out!

Other than that, i found this amazing store with things that were completely made from olive wood trees, i wanted to buy everything from that store! but most of it is too heavy to carry , and also i would probably lose it at the airport.

other than that, we then had a nice lunch by the beach, overlooking the water, all the restaurants here are on the beach, its fantastic, also all the beach chairs have waiters and you get drinks delivered to your beach chair/umbrella.
then was a nap by the pool, and then a late lunch, seafood basket, YUM, the seafood here is fantastic, also after every meal they bring you this shot of alcohol, which, im still not sure what it is, its different at every restaurant, but the one last night was my favorite, was sweet tasted almost like honey, like a soft honey and had lime and crushed ice to keep it cold, YUM!

other than that, the evening was spent looking at the view in the twilight and having a cocktail, too good!!!

Well today is beach day! and tomorrow is santorini!! - then i come home!!! YAY! :D

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Airport headaches, then relaxing...

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So i will have to admit, there is really not that much to say, we left Den Haag at about 9o'clock and arrived WAY to early for our 1:45 flight, so we just had breakfast and chilled before we were able to check in, after that we still had time to kill so i bought chocolate from that awesome chocolate store, this place just places blocks of chocolate in a pile and lets you pick how much you want.... y.u.m.
the flight was fine, i slept most of the way because of the early start, the problem with holland for me was that , coming from australia, i'm not use to going to sleep while its still daylight! so i would always go to bed after 1130, which was never a problem if your waking up late.... which we weren't because of the flight.

So, once we reached athens we had to wait about 2 hours for the flight to mykonos, i didn't really like athens as an airport, seemed disorganized and i had to show my boarding pass every 5 parsec's.

the plane to mykonos was TINIIII TINY, and the flight was SO quick, about 20 min! :O

so once we landed in mykonos (with a red sunset over the water! ) we went to line up to get the taxi, (ps: the airport is like the coffs harbor airport....well old school) there was a massive line and we thought we were going to have to wait ages, but then a taxi driver showed up , and was asking people something, we thought it was the name of a hotel, haha, - there was a group of girls...who looked like a combination oh barbie.....and an umpa lumpa.... orange as all hell! , and she walks up to the taxi driver an he shoos her away, then she pushes out her lips in a "pout" and goes " oh pleasssse" HAHAHAHAHA - i was laughing for about 5min of the taxi ride mostly because she still got rejected. fail.

once we got to the hotel, it was just basically just straight to bed, i was so tried from hauling my luggage everywhere and moving from one airport to another that i just pass out after a small dinner.

SOOO Mykonos....
so far i have only seen the view from my room...and from the pool deck...
B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. - its just amazing, words cannot explain, so i did take photos! - so today was gym, then relaxing in the sun... jumping in the pool, then sun....then reading in the sun...then sleeping in the sun.... a whole lot of sun... yes, i got a little burnt, so at around 1 i escaped inside and just hung out out of the sun , so as not to get TOO burnt, i'm very happy now i brought the aloe vera! :D

dinner was at a seafood restaurant , just lovely, had swordfish and a fantastic salad that had, lettuce, apple, orange, avocado, and sesame seeds nom nom nom nom nom , with a little white wine, and then 2 bailey's and milk after a walk on the beach.

i love how the beaches here have all the beach chairs and umbrellas...BUT australian beaches are still much much better, the water is just too flat! but it is relaxing :)

Today is the town center! going to get a new sim card and a SHITLOAD of sunscreen! - they have 50+ here!!!!

Until next time! :D

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