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Den Haag

Fire, Airports...and then.....Den Haaaaaag

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Well, it was Adios to spain .... and hallo Den haag!

but before we left, we had to find a place to see the state of origin for chris, i googled that shit and found an Irish sports bar that was playing it :) - after that we did a bit of shopping, i love stradivarious, and i bought a few bits and pieces there, could not resist! also got a few souvenirs, it was SO hot that day, it was a max of 40!!!! so walking around was getting a bit much, however, i had the strangest ice cream thing.... i went to the ice cream store, and saw that "ice milk" was on offer...so i asked what it was, got a strange reply, but got it anyway, in a massive cup it was milk....in ice cream form sort of, with cinamon on top, and in the middle....YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....i would have gotten more, but we had tapas again that night.
Because it was so hot, we decided to have an ice bath, we bought ice and brought it back to the room, then we filled the bath with water, and all dipped out feet in it, was soooooo nice, drinking grey goose with don simon orange juice, living the life i must say. after we had finished the grey goose, time to hit the sun, so rooftop for about half an hour, which i think anymore time and we all would have gotten burnt, it was THAT hot! in fact i felt asleep on the lounge chairs....was so nice.
we had tapas, and we got a paella, yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum i'm going to miss the food in spain, they really know how to do food, and the sangria was fantastic as well, the guys didnt like it that much, so it was mostly me drinking it all :P
i found out that sangria also has other ingredients, like vodka, and contreau :S - taste great!
once dinner was finshed, it was time to get serious , GAME TIME
we watched the game in the hotel again, tiny screen, but it didnt matter, great game! and i was sooo happy to see spain win! because afterwards it was time to go out! - they spanish were going NUTS! - jumping in the fountains, and running amuck around the streets, the police had closed off quite a few of the streets so that people were able to just run around and celebrate! :D
I then was able to see a little bit more of Madrid, but only from the outside, as everything was closed :S - the national library, the national palace, and a tomb that was a gift from the Egyptians to the Spanish , stone by stone was brought from Egypt!
pretty cool stuff, also found out what part of the Spanish flag means, the four different pictures within the crest are the original states of Spain, underneath the monarchy (crown).

Next day was a little bit full of bad omens! - the weather had cooled down , it was overcast (haha it seems everytime we leave a country that its overcast and cold!)
there was a massive fire next to our hotel pretty much! still trying to figure out what it was from, so we had breakfast at macca's , and oh my goodness, maccas has their hotcakes....with chocolate sauce AND they serve breakfast til noon! W.I.N.
so after breakfast we went straight to the airport, and checked in, the ride to Amsterdam started with a massive amount of turbulence, i'll admit i was a little freaked out, but there was a storm coming in so im just happy we made it through! - the poor girl next to me looked like she was going to puke :S

Once we arrived in amsterdam, we caught the train to Den haag awesome train ride, guys from the company came onto the train and asked where we were from and when they found out it was just jokes and jokes about koalas, jack, skippy etc... one of the guys spoke spanish as well! - thats one thing i love about Europe, everyone speaks 4 languages! im very very jealous of that , they were so lovely they even allowed us to take a photo in the drivers cabin! :D (ill upload it now)
we then had to catch the tram to our hotel, which was quite hard to find :S mostly coz we didnt look, i went into a police station and asked and got laughed at because it was across the road, we just didnt see it! - whoops.

so then it was mostly just getting settled, had something to eat (it was already 8 - 9pm) and then to bed, we were all pretty tired from all the traveling.

Next day, was just shopping to try to find orange things for 10 years of qdance! i hate that i want ot buy almost everything here in europe, the clothes, the shoes, oh my goodness the maxies..... i would buy a suitcase full if i could!
i also found this awesome shop full of geeky toys, little star wars things etc...

so then went back to the room, chilled out for a while, then dinner, and then to the beach! :D
i also found out that den haaaaaaaag is an actual city! :O i thought it was a suburb....but no its huge! 800.000 people live here ! goodness, and the beachfront is beautiful, we were sitting at a bar and drinking in the summer heat, just fantastic, one of the guys there also was studying audio engineering, so it was great to chat about audio with someone on the otherside of the world!
finally at 2am however it was time for bed, as tomorrow we were coming back to the beach to actually swim, and also do our laundry, woop woop!

next installment.....10 YEARS OF QDANCE!!!!!!

Hasta pronto!

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España.....hueones :P


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so here i am in the capital, Madrid..... so first impression on the plane was....where the hell is this city, the airport is a fair way away from the actual centre, so when we landed we were sort of confused as to where madrid actually was! hahah, mark explained it as landing in avalon. what was kinda cool was that the airport looks like a giant mustache hahah, plane landed at around 3:30 in the arvo, and so we got our bags as quickly as we could (they took their time to get them off the plane) and then went outside in the sweltering 33 degrees to get a taxi, we tried to get a big taxi, but here for some reason they dont exsist, so we had to take 2 taxis. because the plane was late to take off lucky us got to be stuck in after work traffic (here work finishes at 330pm), so enjoyed, over 30`s radio.
the trip was all up about 20min, and from a taxi, the city really did not seem impressive, it looked dry....and dusty... no trees really..anyway, we got onto our street, which is like the George st of madrid and went into the hotel, :O, i picked a great hotel!!!
its just gorgeous, i will upload photos soon, the view from the window is just beautiful, let alone the roof !! - will get to that soon,

so once we settled in, my stomach was killing for a feed, so we went to VIPS, a chain store, with a menu that could be a childrens book, ordered a turkey hamburger.... most interesting part of the trip no? :P
so what do i love about Madrid so far?? - HARDLY ANYONE SPEAKS ENGLISH!!! i LOVE it! my spanish is hopefully going to get some serious practice here, and im enjoying every moment! other than that....hmmm i think the general atmosphere of this place, i cant get over it, i have to say i like it a lot more than amsterdam, maybe because i speak the language though... either way, i'm enjoying being here.

once we had food we had a bit of a walk around to find our barrings, then we came back to the hotel, and because we are on holidays, it was time to relax in the sun on the roof of our hotel drinking absolute with sprite.... W.I.N

not too eventful today, but keeps your pants on everyone because tomorrow Valentina is putting on her tour guide hat! - Plaza mayor..first stop!

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Recovery Day

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On such days of course, nothing really happens, mostly its just eating and resting, so not much to report on from this day, however, I did eat a massive lunch, which was at about 3pm, steak and fried mushrooms, yum yum yum. We also had had a big day of eating planned because we had left so much to try, till the day before we leave, of course hahaha. My one main food was to try ben and jerry’s ice cream, and yes, it was delicious!
We also did our laundry today, not the most exciting activity on the planet, but a necessity. I also wanted to try on a watch I had seen at a shop on one of streets where a lot of retail stores are, I went and tried about 4 but no winner, ☹
Nat and mark met up with us to do their laundry as well, and then Chris went with a friend to the beach clubs that are on the coast, meant to be amazing, but I was not in the mood to party, was tired and I just felt like relaxing, maybe taking a nice walk, which is what we did. We went around the parts of Amsterdam that we had not seen! And I found a subway! :D didn’t try it though, must put that on the list when we come back. We walked for about an hour, I took a few photos, I am still amazed at how the actual city looks, and we were saying how they have no rubbish bins, because there is no space to store them! So they just leave their plastic bags on the street: S
And of course, the bikes were everywhere; the obesity rate in Holland must be at about 2 percent! Maybe we should introduce it in Australia that would help all the kids who are overweight!
In fact there are so many bikes that on buildings they have free air to pump up the tires! How cool is that?
Another fun fact is that you do not need a license to drive a vehicle that does not exceed 40K…moped anyone?
One last fun fact, because so many of the buildings are protected, to renovate they pull apart the building and rebuild it with the same materials! :O i’m still trying to figure out whether that’s safe: S, so many buildings are lop – sided and/or leaning forward, Rome may have the leaning tower of pizza, but Amsterdam is an entire city full of leaning buildings!
So when we finally got back to the food area, mark’s main concern was to get a kebab, because they don’t look like the kebabs back home, not even slightly! No tabuli, no hummos,, its basically that’s crappy meat….in a sandwich…. FAIL. But he wanted to try it anyway, turns out it was a major let down, it was not on my list, however, maccas was, so while nat got her giant cone of chips (they are famous here, chips with mayo, have to say they are pretty good chips) I went to get a “lion” and kit kat Mcflurry, first let down….you cant combine two flavors…. sad face. So I just got a lion mcflurry, I was not too sure what a lion was, but it seemed to be just chocolate, caramel and biscuit…. Now where this mcflurry does win…is that he put the chocolate bar in with the soft serve…and ALSO put caramel sauce :O :O :O :O – NOMNOMNOM, soooooooooooo good, I was so glad I had gone for that walk …..My body had an explosion of calories hahah.
So once we finished off our food, the sun was just setting, which meant it was just after 11pm, it’s the strangest concept, the sun setting at 11…but I have to say im jealous, long summer days, ahhhh Australia does fail at this.
So went back to the hotel and pretty much then just went to sleep, because the next day was what I really was looking forward too…. ESPAÑA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Day One Continued

Red Light District....and cheese

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Hoi! (said "hoy") = hello in dutch!

So after our travels in Amsterdam yesterday was quite entertaining! mostly it was going to the red light district and having a look around, then being a little bogan and drinking on the street! :O
Red light district is just amazing! i thought it would be very seedy (i.e. dirty like kings cross) but it was actually better looking than the rest of the city hahaha - and it had all these restaurants, and of course the "cafe's" (lindsay, david and dany...you would be at home here). We were also able to see the prostitutes in the windows, i found that to be just mind blowing, its the ultimate "sell youself" position.... in a window like a mannequin , the range of ages and sizes all these women had were amazing, fat ones, tini ones, tall ones, old ones, small tits, big tits....just eveything you can think of! even saw one old woman with whips in front of her!

They also have got the drunk midnight snack on the SPOT, the "kebab" stores have really good looking pizza and also waffles that are covered in chocolate and smarties!! :O i still have not had one but i will be sure to tell you once i have....they wil probably be a huge let down... but o well.

We ended up sitting at a bar across the canal from our hotel drinking till the late evening (about 7...it doesnt get dark here till about 9pm) and then nat wanted to go buy cigarettes, so i went with her, and this was quite a trek, first off we wanted to find a bathroom, and ended up having to pay .50 cents to use the one in maccas, (no i have not tried maccas here yet, but its on the list!) but i think its becuase they pay for it to stay clean, so the maccas bathrooms do not smell like some teenager drunk their life away, vomited in the bathroom then decided to shit their pants - YAY!
so then after that we asked about 2 or 3 people where we could buy fags, and i was passing by a very strange looking store, that had yellow wheels in the window....i asked myself....hmmm what could this be...... A CHEEESE STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holy moley....WITH FREE SAMPLES......yes....i ate every single free sample......omg cheese.......they had the BEST cheese! goats cheese, smoked cheese, cow cheese, cheese with chili, with pesto (that one was a dark green, really creepy looking but tasted awesome) herb cheese....just so much cheese!!!!! i think i was in heaven or about 5 min.....but then nat realized...that the other side of the store...WAS A CHOCOLATE STORE......could life get any better? well not really because their was also free samples of that too.... man oh man...good times.
so when we finally left the store we finally found a place to buy ciggies, we walked in and noone was at the counter, then this little 8yr old (she would not have even come up to my hip) went behind the counter and asked "can i help you?" :O... nat and i didnt know whether to ask to buy ciggies off of an 8yr old or not!!! but...we did anyway... very strange kinda felt bad...but then again it wasnt me buying them! poor nat! :P

anywhoo, after this we went back to the hotel room, nat and mark got their laundry, we went to a laundromat, go that cleaned and then ate dinner, although i was not hungry and I was SO tired i started falling asleep at the table so i went back to the hotel and just crashed at about 8pm! and woke up at around 630, gooood sleeeeeep, dont even remember hitting the bed, i woke up with my clothes from yesterday...yuk!

anyway, i should go get ready for our 2nd day here in amsterdam! - not to worry i will write the next time i get a chance!

Hope you all are well

'Doei!' Pronounced, 'do-we' (goodbye in dutch)

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